Black Cherry Gelato


About Black Cherry Gelato

black cherry gelato strain

If you can find her, Black Cherry Gelato may be the best dessert strain you’ve ever tried. This cross between Acai and Black Cherry Funk, bred by unknown individuals, has an indica-dominant profile that puts up a fight. Although robust flavors abound, most people find it extremely difficult to locate this bud.

There isn’t much known about Black Cherry Gelato, but one thing is certain: she packs a powerful 26 percent THC punch that can be difficult to handle for inexperienced users. Each dark green nug is dripping with amber-colored trichomes and has thin orange pistils poking through the glistening exterior. Cherries and berries are the dominant flavors and aromas on your tongue, but herbs and skunk also play a role in balancing the profile of this bud.

Individuals who love to treat medical issues with cannabis will find Black Cherry Gelato to be of particular interest, as her high potency levels often treat ailments with ease. Physical pain is no match for her relaxing abilities and if you struggle with anxiety or depression, it’s possible that her happy-go-lucky attitude will rid you of any cares you once had. If you smoke enough of this gal, it’s likely that insomnia will also become a thing of the past too, but make sure you’re aware of your own tolerance before you go on a bender.

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