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Blue Cookies Strain

Blue Cookies is a hybrid with a mild indica lean that provides a wonderful combination of mental and physical effects. Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, two well-known standard hybrids, combine to produce this delectable flower with a concentrated, clearheaded, but highly relaxed high. Blue Cookies, which is said to be a strong smoke even for seasoned cannabis users, has a THC content that runs from 20 percent to an astonishing 25 percent. Be aware that there is a different (albeit related) strain called Blue Cookies available that is not a hybrid between Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry but rather a unique genotype of GSC itself.

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Blue Cookies Strain

The buds of blue Cookies are large and chunky, with a dense structure more typical of indica strains. The leaves clump together in slightly long, conical shapes with red to fiery orange pistils running through them. Blue Cookies, like its parent strain Blueberry, has exceptionally colorful flowers that appear spring green and are frequently flecked with blue and purple hues. These latter colors appear when high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments are stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process. Cloudy trichomes cover the already vibrant leaves, imparting a silvery sheen. Blue Cookies’ high resin content also makes it difficult to break up for pipes or joints without the use of a grinder. Blue Cookies has a bold flavor profile to match.


its aesthetic appeal The cured buds have a fruity and dank aroma that reminds users of a cross between Blueberry’s berry and GSC’s earthy profiles. When the flowers are broken or burned, they emit a rich, leather-like aroma.
Blue Cookies’ somatic relaxation makes it an effective analgesic for aches, pains, and nausea. In sufficient concentrations, this can assist insomniacs in achieving deep sleep.

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