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Legion of Bloom vape cartridges start with the selection of a specific strain based on desired effects, utilizing over 40 different full-spectrum terpenes from botanically-derived plant sources for each profile. No additives, just cannabis oil and steamed distilled terpenes that have been rigorously tested. Each c-cell cartridge is custom made to ensure only quality oil fills quality hardware. Every cartridge is FDA-grade and BPA-free, and equipped with an embedded ceramic coil that warms oil gently for a potent, consistent vapor. Buy Legion Of Bloom Carts

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“Taste the flower without the flame.”

Chernobyl is a mind-blowing sativa with a fruit-forward citrus flavor that is both uplifting and creative. Bred from a cross of Trainwreck X Jack the Ripper X Trinity this is a perfect day time strain for those looking to elevate through long workdays or get the creative juices flowing.

Average Potency: 74% THC, 0% CBD


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