Jungle Cake


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Jungle Cake Strain

Most strains with baked-good names don’t let you down, and you can be sure that when those strains are created by the renowned Seed Junky Genetics team, they’ll go above and beyond your expectations. An evenly-balanced hybrid called Jungle Cake was created by mating Wedding Cake with White Fire #43. Those looking for a distinctive flavor profile with outstanding effects may think about giving this lady a shot or two.

Jungle Cake is best suited for more experienced users because she can contain anywhere between 22 and 33 percent THC, depending on where you buy your marijuana. Each nug is compact and tiny, with crimson pistils and a thick layer of white trichomes covering it. As users smoke, they may anticipate a very sweet flavor to take over them, dancing on their palate with berries, marshmallows, and a hint of nuts. She has a similar scent, but with a stronger spice and earthy undertone.

Jungle Cake Strain

Some smokers believe Jungle Cake isn’t that powerful at first because it takes a few puffs to start working. Your high will likely develop gradually, starting in your thoughts and filling it with nothing but unadulterated delight. It’s simple to unwind here, and you could discover that you’re in the mood to mingle. A wave of laughs, which many claim follows, is followed by a sedative comedown that is neither overly heavy nor very conducive to productivity. Jungle Cake typically concludes your visit with a serious attack of the munchies.

Jungle Cake is a popular choice among medical users due to its wide range of effects and reputation as a remedy for both physical and mental problems. This strain typically works for people who have problems with anxiety or depression as well as those who just need to relax after a particularly stressful day. Near the end of your trip, nausea is frequently relieved, and if you have trouble with your hunger, be prepared to maybe devour everything you see!

Jungle Cake Strain
jungle cake strain - AAAA
Jungle Cake Strain
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