London Cake Strain


About London Pound Cake

London Pound cake heavily favors Indica (it’s 70/30) and delivers a powerful blast of THC like few strains can handle, up to 29% in some cases. Genetically, the strain takes its Sunset Sherbet heritage seriously. The Spain-based breeder, Heavyweight Seeds, mixed it with an unknown Indica to form its own revelatory grape-berry and tropical nut masterpiece. The high is light at first, but sleuths around in your body for a while before resting on you (and allowing you to rest). You won’t be sleepy or sedated on London Pound cake, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great best friend for sufferers of moodiness, depression, and attention disorders.

Side Effects Of The London Pound Cake Strain

Despite the London Pound Cake Strain being very relaxing and mellow, some general cannabis-like side effects are still associated with it.

Lemon Cake Strain

The major side effect is the red eyes which often require consumers to use an eye drop to battle it. Also, dehydration is a major effect of this strain that consumers have reported. This can also be battled with proper dehydration frequently ensured.

Lemon Cake Strain

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